Event Services

Wedding Design

Starting at $1,600 & up 

We will meet with you to discuss wedding details, such as location, date, theme, music, decoration, etc. Manage your budget and ensure all costs stay within what has been discussed. Our task is to meet with you often to learn about your preferences and present options that work best for you. We do several checks weeks in advance leading up to the day of the event to ensure everything is seamless. We will work alongside the on-site manager during the wedding day to ensure everything is placed correctly.

Small Wedding Planner

Starting at $2,075 & up

When your dream for your wedding is for a small, intimate gathering with only your closest friends and family, look no further than this service. Your thoughts and ideas are our main concerns, and we will go over the timetable and schedule leading up to the day. Your dream of a small guest list doesn’t have to affect the grand design ideas that you are looking for when it comes to the decor of the ceremony or reception.

Day-Of -Coordinator

Starting at $2,600 & up

Our team is responsible for the planning, design, and production while managing all project delivery elements within the scheduled time. We will collaborate with the various vendors who are incorporated into the event. We will ensure that the venue is set up perfectly for the event and that all items are in the right place. We will arrange for necessary supplies, equipment, and special requests to be transported to the venue promptly.

Partial Wedding Planner

Starting at $4,078 & up

Our responsibility is to rectify unforeseen stopgaps or obstacles to keep things moving along and on schedule. Together, we will create a detailed itinerary for the bride, groom, and wedding party to follow during the event and guide them through it for every moment. We will organize the event from start to finish, including location, guest lists, décor, entertainment, catering, hotel accommodations, and transportation. If you don’t already have a vendor in mind, we provide a recommended list of vendors.

Corporate Event Planner

Call for pricing

We are here to support any or all of your events, meetings, conferences, special events, and other activities. We will oversee all location scheduling and resource allocation for the event requirements, resources, catering needs, time constraints, etc., to ensure proper use of the venue and to eliminate redundancies. You can expect us to execute the roles and responsibilities given to our team efficiently.

Whether the event was planned or an impromptu event, we are organized, understanding, and ultimately articulated into an event's outcome. You can expect us to be responsive to the space, atmosphere, logistical, and aesthetic requirements. We will collaborate with your team for the event planning process, including managing space, catering, and communicating effectively. Proactively collaborate with the venue team to ensure the integrity of the facility and the overall comfort and safety of attendees for all meetings and events. We will serve as the primary point of contact for all vendor deliveries of required materials and equipment for events.